Harrison Podiatry

Our Services

All treatment is by appointment.

We specialise in the care, maintenance and treatment of the “at risk” Diabetic patient. We also specialise in nail surgery, under local analgesia and we GUARANTEE to cure ingrowing toe nails. We also provide routine podiatry/chiropody treatment, e.g. nail cutting, the removal of corns, callus, the protection of bunions, ulcer treatment, etc.

Domiciliary appointments are always available to local housebound and infirm patients.

We are an Accredited Practice and are both H.P.C (Health Professions Council) and B.U.P.A. registered


We have gained an enviable reputation in the care, maintenance and treatment of the “at risk” Diabetic patient, both Type 1 and Type 2. Many of our Diabetic patients have been referred to us by local G.P. Practices, with whom we have an excellent rapport. We constantly liaise with the G.Ps’. Specialist Diabetic Teams, to ensure our patients receive a seamless service. We are pleased to provide, free of charge, a yearly "Diabetes Foot Disease" screening service for our regular Diabetic patients.

Nail Surgery

We perform nail surgery, under local analgesia, every evening at the surgery. Our fees include ALL the dressings required, there are NO hidden charges. We GUARANTEE there will be no re-growth of the ingrowing nail following our nail surgery procedures.
Our normal procedure is to remove only the side of the nail which has become ingrowing, rather than removing the whole nail. Our procedure leaves a cosmetically superior nail, which is much appreciated, especially by our lady patients. Healing takes about 10 to 14 days for one side of a nail and between 14 and 21 days for two sides of a nail.

Ingrowing nail, shoulders removed.

Nail healed 16 days after procedure.

Occasionally, it is necessary to remove the whole nail. This procedure, though far easier for us to do, leaves a cosmetically inferior result and healing can take up to 4 weeks.

Verrucae Treatment

Patients who require cryosurgery are now refered to their GP for treatment.