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Ingrowing Toe Nails

At Harrison Podiatry we specialise in nail surgery and we Guarantee to totally cure ingrowing toe nails.

An ingrowing toe nail occurs when the side of the nail becomes embedded into the skin, causing it to weep and bleed. Often a vascular lump of skin forms, which is called hypergranulation tissue and if left untreated, this can grow right across the nail. These nails are always excruciatingly painful when exposed to the lightest pressure. Ingrowing toe nails are most commonly found in young males but anyone can suffer from this condition if they do not cut their nails correctly.


In the early stages, the skin at the side of the nail becomes tender, red and swollen. In the later stages, the skin starts to weep, pus forms and a lump of skin starts to grow over the nail. The toe becomes very painful to touch. It is essential to seek professional advice as soon as possible to cure this serious condition.


In early stage ingrowing toe nails, bathing the foot in a warm saline solution consisting of three tablespoons of salt to each pint of water, often reduces inflammation and prevents infection. Packing the side of the nail with a tiny roll of cotton wool holds the skin away from the nail and often this is enough to resolve the condition. If the condition persists and there is no infection, your Podiatrist can painlessly remove the offending splinter of nail and the toe will feel better immediately.

In the later stage, severely infected, ingrowing nails, it is imperative that professional treatment be sought sooner rather than later. At Harrison Podiatry we can remove the side of the nail under local analgesia and treat the nail bed chemically so that it never ingrows again. When healing is complete, which normally takes only two to three weeks, you are left with a normal looking nail. Occasionally, total removal of the nail is necessary, but we prefer to remove only the sides of the nails. This leaves a far better cosmetic result which is often essential for many ladies.

Ingrowing nail, shoulders removed.

The removed shouders.

Nail healed 16 days after procedure.